Introduction by Francis Cebedo

Look just announced their latest iteration of the Look 695 with a full aerodynamic makeover they call the the Look 695 Aerolight. There are many aero innovations on this bike but the groundbreaking piece is is the integrated front brakes in the fork legs.

The brakes are basically invisible in fork legs as part of the fork structure is the front brake itself. It not only gets tthe brakes out of the path of the air but it also improves the stiffness of the brake as it is supported from the front and the rear to minimize flex. Look claims an improvement of 20 percent braking power. And they addressed concerns of rim width and maintenance concerns by saying that the width and tension of the brakes are adjustable without disassembly. The brakes can take up to a 26.4 mm wide rim like the Zipp Firecrest. Claimed weights are 320g for the fork and 137g for the brake.

From the Manufacturer

695 Aerolight: Integration at its Highest Level

Since its release, the 695 has become a true benchmark in the world of cycling. This extraordinary bike provides unparalleled performances thanks to levels of integration never seen before.

We have sought to further improve the performance of the bike by working on its aerodynamics: to do this, on its new 695, Look has integrated brake calipers and a brand new aero stem, and has worked on the design of the tubes so that they provide better aerodynamic performance.

For optimal efficiency, the 695 Aerolight is equipped with the best crankset presently available on the market: the ZED 2 crankset. To integrate it, the 695 Aerolight has an oversized bottom bracket (rolling bearings of 65 mm). The diagonal tube, saddle tube and stays wrap around the casing and extend without a break in shape thanks to the CFD concept (Continuous Fibre Design) optimising lateral stiffness.

The new HSC 7 Aero fork, the Head Fit 3 headset, and the E-Post are the other components integrated with the 695 Aerolight frame. They were specifically developed for that frame, to make the 695 Aerolight homogenous, rigid, lightweight, stable and easy to handle.

The 695 Aerolight has also been made even lighter through the use of a new, thinner 1.5K carbon fabric.

The 695 Aerolight has become the new benchmark for discerning cyclists looking for the perfect bike at the forefront of technology.

Integration of the Brakes

The 695 Aerolight has an unmatched level of brake integration.

The mechanical V-Brake front brake is located in the middle of the fork arms, in a housing that forms a window. This means that the caliper disappears completely into the fork to ensure the best possible aerodynamics. The front brake sheath and cable follow a unique route: they go in, under, and through the stem before «diving» into the fork steerer and on to the calliper.

The rear brake is under the chain stay in order to keep it clear of the seat stays and eliminate the turbulence created by the caliper. The cable routing is also 100% integrated, going through the downtube and bottom bracket.

The integrated brakes are 20% more powerful than conventional brakes. They make it possible to brake with just one finger while maintaining the power and progressiveness necessary for security and performance.

New Aerostem Integrated Stem

A great deal of work has been done on the new Aerostem stem: this new carbon stem only weighs 160g, that's 20g lighter than the C-Stem and is also more aerodynamic, because the traditional cap has been replaced by a clamp. The advantages are that the screw disappears behind the handlebar and the clamp is very thin. This feature, combined with a more fluid design, means that this new stem has a better drag coefficient.

Just like the C-Stem, the Aerostem is adjustable to enable precise adjustment of the handlebar height. However, the adjustment ranges are greater: from - 13° to + 17°, which makes it possible to adopt lower positions.

ZED 2 Single-Piece Carbon Crankset

The ZED 2 carbon crankset that comes with the 695 Aerolight is a brand new highly innovative model : It is moulded in a single piece of carbon (2 pedal cranks + axle + star = FULL SINGLE-PIECE).

It reaches a stiffness / weight ratio that was not possible before. The crankset alone (with no roller bearing or chain wheel) but including the two pedal cranks and the axis only weigh 320 g!

Its particular Z shape allows it to be mounted in the frame that has a specific and oversized casing (rolling bearings diameter 65 mm). The technology of the three-lobe insert at the end of pedal cranks allows adjusting the length of the cranks from 170, 172.5 to 175 mm without changing the crankset and while being compatible with all the pedals on the market.

HSC 7 Aero fork & Integrated Head Fit 3 Headset

The HSC 7 aero fork provides the same performance in terms of rigidity and comfort as the HSC 7. It is 100% one-piece carbon and weighs only 320 grams, conforming to standard EN 14781 (Frontal shock of 144 joules).

The tapered pivot uses the CFD (Continuous Fibre Design) concept and makes it possible to position the bearings directly on the fork crown (oversized for bearings of 1½ inch). The fork steerer has two flat spots and is reinforced to take the patented Head fit 3 headset dissociating headset adjustment, from stem tightening.

The headset's adjustment is done by tightening the carbon ring on an offset thread placed on the fork's pivot. It is now possible to change the stem's height without upsetting the headset's adjustment.

This solution suppresses the compression kit, replaced by a simple cap. Weight savings: 40 grs. 3rd generation of the Headfit is completely integrated in the head tube optimizing even more the direction accuracy.

E-Post Seat post

Look has developed its own patented integrated saddle stem system: the E-Post.

A series of elastomers completely isolate the seat post from the frame: no part of the E-Post other than the elastomers is in contact with the frame. The road's mini-shocks and vibrations are absorbed by the elastomers, the hardness of which is interchangeable (black elastomer = hard, red = average and grey = flexible). It thus offers personalized settings adapted to the different types of roads, to the mileage and to the cyclist's preferences.

The E-Post has a particular shape which is perfectly adapted to the shape of the seat tube. As it is not round, it is anti-rotation and is always aligned with the frame's axis.

New, in 2014, the E-Post is compatible with Shimano DI2 internal batteries thanks to a small bracket which holds the battery under the seat post for a perfect fit.


  • Carbon Type: HM Ultra Light High Modulus 1.5K
  • Fork: HSC 7 Aero : 320 GRS
  • Lugs: Without : Monobloc Construction
  • Bottom Bracket: ZED Specific 65mm
  • Crankset: ZED 2 Compact (110mm) or Double (130mm) Compatible Crank Arm Length Adjustable: 170, 172,5, 175mm. (Delivered with Hardware but without Chainrings)
  • Front Derailleur Hanger: Brazed on
  • Stem: Aerostem Inclinable from -13° to +17° // Available Lengths : 80 -90 - 100 -110-120 -130mm
  • Seat Post: E-Post TI With Internal DI2 Battery Bracket
  • Head Fit: Headfit 3 Integrated Headset 1''1/8" Top Inox Bearing 1''1/2" Bottom Inox Bearing - Ø Top: 41.7mm Ø Bottom: 52mm - Slopes 36°/45°
  • Brakes: Look Specific Integrated Brakes in the Fork and Underneath the Bases
  • Dropouts: Compressed Carbon - Single-Piece with Rear Right Bases and Stays in Replaceable Aluminum
  • Bottle Hanger: 2
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • DI2 Option: 100% Fully Integrated Routing Thanks to the Removeable Cable Stops
  • Pack Weight: 2550 Gr . Insize S With Uncut Seat Tube (Frame + Fork + Headset + Crankset + Stem + Brake Calipers + Seatpost)
  • RRP: 4699 Euros

Available Color Schemes

Available in Premium Pro Team, Premium Reflect, Premium Héritage, Flashblue, and White Acid.

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