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Greetings All
Lurker on the forum just now joined.

So I bought a brand new 2015 Raleigh Carbon1 56cm. I paid 1100 bucks for it although I think I just found it somewhere else online for 725.

I came over from a Specialized Hybrid because it never really felt right. I tried out a couple of aluminum frames and while I thought they were fine (for me) I mentioned Carbon frames to the guy and he pulled this Carbon1 down right away and told me it was a steal as it originally listed for 1700 msrp. There must be a few of these laying around that Raleigh is trying to unload that apparently never sold? That concerns me just a bit.

But coming from Hybrids this so called "relaxed" posture seems to fit me well. I tried a 54cm first then a 56cm which fits much better. I rode it for about 15 minutes and for all I could tell I like it just fine. But I know next to nothing about road bikes.

I know a little about parts. And I know enough to know that if I buy a used one off CL I might just be buying an overhaul or at the very least a tuneup. So thought maybe buying new from a LBS might be smarter for a guy who knows not much.

So......will a guy do just fine on this bike while learning the ropes? Or should one buy something cheaper to learn on? Maybe something more aggressive?

My primary purposes are just working out. I come from running but cant do that anymore, so just want to be able to get out of the house everyday and go lap some hills, or go for a ride. Exercise is my primary thing. Maybe later do some charity rides or something. I dont really see myself doing competition but theres always the possibility.

Id also like to be able to putt putt on recovery days or cruise along with my wife so not sure a super aggressive road bkie would be good for that although some people have told me theyd be fine.

Thanks all for any input, and I appreciate all the valuable info here-
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