The gathering of the finest handmade bikes in the land concluded yesterday with over 180 exhibitors showing off their wares in Salt Lake City, Utah. Awards were handed out in three categories of Riding Discipline, Construction, and Overall Design.

Riding Discipline Division

Fully complete bikes, paint and component choices factor into the judging (aesthetic impact and correctness of the discipline)

Best City Bike/ Utility Bike - Shamrock Cycles

Shamrock NAHBS 2017 Awards

Shamrock Cycles NAHBS 2017.​

Best Road bike - David Kirk

Kirk NAHBS 2017 Awards

David Kirk NAHBS 2017.​

Best Mountain Bike - Sklar

Sklar NAHBS 2017 Awards

Sklar NAHBS 2017.​

Best Cyclocross Bike - Donhue

Donhue NAHBS 2017 Awards

Donhue NAHBS 2017.​

Best Gravel Bike - Mosaic Cycles

Mosaic Cycles NAHBS 2017 Awards

Mosaic Cycles NAHBS 2017.​

Best Track Bike - LOW

LOW NAHBS 2017 Awards

LOW NAHBS 2017.​

Best Tandem Bike - Santana

Santana NAHBS 2017 Awards

Santana NAHBS 2017.​

Best Experimental Bike - Rock West Composites

Rock West Composites NAHBS 2017 Awards

Rock West Composites NAHBS 2017.​

Best Artisan Bike - Black Sheep

Black Sheep NAHBS 2017 Awards

Black Sheep NAHBS 2017.​

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Construction Division

Construction categories: All bikes presented for the construction categories (lugged, fillet-brazed, TIG-welded and carbon layup) are presented as naked frames. To make the frames easier to inspect, they are presented with a fork, headset and stem. Painted bikes are deemed ineligible.

Best Fillet Frame

David Kirk NAHBS 2017 Awards

David Kirk NAHBS 2017.​

Best TIG Frame - Eriksen

Eriksen NAHBS 2017 Awards

Eriksen NAHBS 2017.​

Best Carbon Layup - Alchemy

Alchemy NAHBS 2017 Awards

Alchemy NAHBS 2017.​

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Overall Design Division

Theme: These are complete bicycles with a description of the theme, concept or heritage the frame builder is portraying. These bicycles will be judged with an eye toward the overall execution of the theme.

Best New Builder - SaltAir

SaltAir NAHBS 2017 Awards

SaltAir NAHBS 2017.​

Best Columbus Build - Breadwinner

Breadwinner NAHBS 2017 Awards

Breadwinner NAHBS 2017.​

Campy Award - No. 22

No. 22 NAHBS 2017 Awards

No. 22 NAHBS 2017.​

Best Theme - Peacock Groove

Peacock Groove NAHBS 2017 Awards

Peacock Groove NAHBS 2017.​

Best Finish - Black Magic Paint

Black Magic Paint NAHBS 2017 Awards

Black Magic Paint NAHBS 2017.​

People's Choice - Tallerico

Tallerico NAHBS 2017 Awards

Tallerico NAHBS 2017.​

President's Choice - Enigma Bicycles

Enigma NAHBS 2017 Awards

Enigma NAHBS 2017.​

Best In Show - Peacock Groove

Peacock Groove NAHBS 2017 Awards

Peacock Groove NAHBS 2017.​

Next year's NAHBS's 14th edition will take place Feb 16th -18th in Hartford Connecticut.