2018 Scott Foil Disc

The 2018 Scott Foil Disc debuted at the Eurobike trade show.​

By taking the rim brake Foil and changing the fork and rear triangle, the 2018 Foil Disc was born. Scott claims that adding disc brakes would cause a 3-watt drag penalty. To compensate for solutions had to be found.


First they changed fork design, using deeper sections around the brake caliper and dropout. Also by using thru axles with removable QR levers, more efficiency was regained. Finally, fork clearance was expanded to accommodate 30mm tires, which improves ride quality and lowers rolling resistance, says Scott.

Only 40g Weight Penalty

The one-piece rear triangle has hollow dropouts without alloy inserts. This means the added weight on the rear of the bike is only 25 grams. The one-piece fork doesn't have bonded-in dropouts and uses continuous carbon fibers from the steerer tube down to the dropouts, thus adding only 15 grams more than the rim brake version.

2018 Scott Foil Disc

The Foil features an integrated seat post clamp and a stealth transition between the seat tube and seatpost.​

Also, by using a PF86 bottom bracket, the Foil Disc has a wide connection of the down tube and the tapered seat tube to the bottom bracket. Efficiency is increased via Scott's patented carbon manufacturing process, combined with a unique carbon lay-up, creating an extremely stiff bottom bracket. And to help assure quick and easy wheel changes, the dropouts have incorporated guides. Furthermore, by giving the thru axles a 1.5mm thread pitch (the more common pitch is 1.0mm), the axles can be removed quicker out of (or into) the frame.

2018 Scott Foil Disc

Zipp NSW 303 wheels with 21mm rim width offer the possibility to mount up to 30mm wide tires.​

As already mentioned, the 2018 Foil Disc has enough fork clearance to accommodate 30mm wide tires. To further enhance comfort, the rear triangle has a low seatstay attachment that is combined with a very thin shape of the seatstay. This enhances vertical compliance in the frame, and when combined with wider tires, you get an aero that's actually comfortable to ride.

2018 Scott Foil Disc

The 2018 Foil Disc is compatible with both electronic and mechanical drivetrains as well as both standard and direct mount derailleur hangers.​

To learn more about the 2018 Scott Foil Disc take a spin over to www.scott-sports.com.