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While I love my 2020 Domane SL7 Disc, I can't help but think that the seat post design is just begging for water and dirt to get into the frame. The binder bolt to tighten the seat post mast is a giant slot in the back of the seat tube which is a primo-place for overspray from the rear tire to go:

I think it would be nice if Trek devised a rubber "plug" for this hole to help keep water out, similar to the plug on the chain stay for the DuoTrap sensor:

Can you think of a way to seal that hole, but still allow access to it in the event that I need to remove or adjust my seat post?

I considered just putting some kind of tape over the whole, but obviously that would mean a new piece of tape each time I adjusted or removed the seat post, not to mention the build-up of tape residue.
I just bought a brand new domaine 6 etap. Today was my3rd ride and I noticed for the first time this uncovered slot for adjustment. After reading the thread here I will be going out and getting white electric tape to cover it. A design flaw indeed. Does trek expect people to ride in dust free, rain free conditions at all times?
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