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2022 Cycling Jersey Designs!

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SOUKE will release our first 2022 cycling jersey next week! Super excited now! Which color do you prefer the most? I prefer the blue and purple one the most!
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The ones above are too drab for cycling. Something bright like the four below are good.
Haha! So you like the high visible colors. :D These colors will need different kind of print tech, more difficult to get these colors.
The colors are fine for cycling. Studies say the colors make little to no difference. Contrast is more important.
Also if you're riding in a group, the group will be noticed just fine. So wear whatever colors you want.
Whatever you like is the most important! I like high visible colors personally but I do have some cyclist friend who prefer black, grey, lol
SOUKE released it is new summer jersey CS1126 today, the new design is "Non conformist everyday" , to breaking the rules. There are total 3 colors for the men's version: Black, Beige and Navy, we will also have women's version for this design soon. The new jersey also added the zipper pockets at backside for carry keys, cards, etc.
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SOUKE also released its women's bib shorts BS1502 together, the BS1502 is the couple version of the mens BS1601, overall the design is the same, but there are little difference:
  • The leg length is different, BS1502 is shorter than BS1601, for women, it will make the leg looks longer. :D
  • The chamois is different, and using the one designed for women specially. :D
Total 3 colors as well:
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SOUKE recently released a new couple style jersey of CS1126 (Mens) and CS3102 (Womens), Mens got 3 colors while womens got 4 colors. Compared with the previous jersey, there are few differences and improvements. :)
1. We add the zipper side pockets at back and the pockets are bit deeper.
2. The arm sleeves are longer than the previous one, the same as the CS1122
3. The side mesh fabric, we improved this parts to be only on the upper side, so that the jersey won't be too see through from side while still keeping the sweat away.
Here are a few pictures of the CS1126 for reference, hope you like them. :D
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Link for the products:
CS1126: CS1126
CS3102: cs3102

15% Discount coupon: RoadBike
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The Story of BS1603💡:
We created this product as a result of customer feedback we received at the end of 2021, which suggested that they wished there were pockets on the pants in addition to the jersey so that it would be more practical to carry some belongings for gravel riding.
We think this is a fantastic idea, and then eager to produce it at the beginning of this year. However, after conducting numerous tests, we discovered that including pockets on both sides of the pants may cause discomfort or raise the possibility of dropping. We struggled with these issues until June, after much testing and design, we finally solved these problems, and the double pocket pants are now available.

Advantages of BS1603💪💪

1. Advanced Double Pockets:
They are on both sides of the bib short and fit closely to the curve of your body, we choose stretch fabrics to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable.
2. Comfortable and drop-resistant: After many designs and tests, we have selected the most suitable pocket depth and angle, even if you are a gravel cycling lover, the belongings of the pockets will not fall.
3. Breathable Mesh Materials: The back is designed with highly breathable mesh, which is suitable for summer or long rides.
4. Reflective Strips: Highly visible reflective strips on the front of the shorts are ideal for cycling at night.

💖15% Discount coupon: RoadBike💖
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⚡New ArrivalSouke has a new jersey called CS1123. For this new road bike jersey, we have designed three colors for customers😝

1. The Description of CS1123:
- CS1123-Black 🖤

The Souke Black CS1123. Black is more classic and symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication. Reflective strips on the arms and back also keep you safe at night.
Recommended match: CS1123-Black+BS1606-Black(Never Wrong Black Set)
Outerwear Sports uniform White Black Neck

- CS1123-Red💖
Souke used this bright red for the first time. It can help you stand out from the throng, besides, red is the color of passion, love, life, and health.
Recommended match: CS1123-Red+BS1606-Navy (The Color of Spiderman)
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- CS1123-Green💚
The CS1123-Green jersey you get is brighter than the picture (closer to blue). This color has a sense of deep peace. The contrasting colors of green and off-white make the jersey personal.
Recommended match: CS1123-Green+BS1601-Green (The Color of Nature)
Outerwear White Product Neck Sports jersey

2. Advantages of CS1123👍👍
- Body-fitting, three-dimensional cutting:
No matter what size you are, it conforms to the curves of your body, and the cordless head is cut for extra comfort.
- Lightweight and breathable fabric: Quick-drying polyester fabric that is light and breathable, with 10% antibacterial bamboo charcoal fiber.
- Arm and back reflective strips: The reflective strips are not easy to damage after multiple washing, making you more secure when riding at night.
- 3+1 large-capacity partition pockets: Three deep open pockets, plus one zipped pocket, give you room for your essentials.
- Souke personal logo design: The big logo SOUKE means different roads for cycling. S for S-shaped mountain road, O for circle road, U for U-shaped highway, K for straight, uphill, and downhill road, and finally, E for tunnel ride.

3. Discounts For U
💲USE CODE: RoadBike to get an extra 15% off💲
💲Free shipping over $159💲
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