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2023 UPDATE Major warning II - New model Mavic Cosmic Pro SL UST Disc spokes rusting

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This is a follow-up from my 2016 ' All my Mavic wheels rusting problem (except a set of Elites with Aluminum spokes). Below pics is my NEW model Mavic Cosmic Pro SL UST Disc wheelsets. After the first few rides over 3 months, I could feel the spoke blades sharp sides oxidizing with rust started. This is what they look like after getting wet recently and forgetting to hand wipe with oil. The front wheel is strangely more affected? .. points to spoke manufacture

Sadly I've got only one option but to spray paint spokes to stop further corrosion. Warranty ha ha ha ha , not in Mavic's vocabulary

Included is a pic of my old 2011 Mavic Cosmic SLE's rusted. I've been hand-wiping black enamel spray paint to keep the rust at bay, but as you can see, Rust being rust - 3weeks later, rust comes through. See the link to the Warning post # I

SO WHY BUY MAVICS??.. a really good $$$$ ( thousands spent = Rusting wheels) question. I do a bit of Carbon road Bike + Credit Card cycle touring in Europe. The slightly heavier Mavic wheels are stronger, and never break spokes. I cannot afford to be looking for a spoke while crossing the Alps into say France / Italy / Switzerland

MY FEEDBACK - DON'T EVER BUY MAVIC for race wheels, only as a utility. Steel spokes are likely to be rusting under the paint from day one due to crap-cheap manufacturing (spokes left out to rust once produced). These spokes are NOT Stainless Steel as advertised by some dealers / used listings

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2011 Mavic Cosmic SLE's , rust coming through after 3-weeks hand painting
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MY FEEDBACK - DON'T EVER BUY MAVIC for race wheels, only as a utility.
FIFY. Mavic is not known for quality within the last decade.
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