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25th anniversary Dura Ace Worth?


I have a 25th anniversary Dura Ace kit that is still in the case, everything is brand new. I was wondering if this is some sort of collectable? Does this have any sort of value? If I were to try to sell it, what do you think a fair asking price would be? I bought it a few years ago on an impulse after seeing it in the display case at the local shop. It came in this nice high tech looking aluminum briefcase(very james bond like) with each component sorted with its own place in the case. It even came with a Dura Ace 25th anniversary watch. All the components actually had 25th anniversary etched onto them. I never got around to installing the components onto my bike. Now since I just got 10 spd dura ace, I am never going to use this group. Is it worth holding to see if its' value increases or should I just sell it? How much should I ask? What are some good avenues to try to sell the group? Ebay? or any other sites that you all know of?
Thanks in advance!
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