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Back for another year, and just like last year I am posting these 3 pictures to avoid writing a full ride report. Reappearing this year are the same gloves and shoes.

In rural Indiana I ride along crop fields and through many woods. It's hilly, but the hills are small enough that the roads are built right up an over instead of around or through. I enjoy going up and down "atpjunkie false flats" over and over.

This ride could have been called "Dog Day Afternoon: new route new dogs". Over a new loop of only 12 miles, 10 dogs chased me, some others wanted to but spotted me too late and some were fenced in. Only two dogs on the route didn't care about a biker and they remained lazily slumped on their front porches. I felt like I missed the scenery because I spent most of the trip looking for dogs, and going slow (scouting), (dog bark!) fast, slow(scouting), (getting chased!) fast fast fast!

I scouted this route in the car. As we probably all know, dogs don't get very excited about cars going by. Therefore, a lot of them will not show themselves for an accurate head count. This is not a joke, I really do use this formula and it was a good predictor for this route.

(# of dogs seen by car) X 6 = # of dogs chasing you on a bike

Probably like the rest of you, enough dogs have chased me that I know, 'chasing' is really the only thing they want to do. Most dogs aren't out to bite us. And sometimes I say to myself "who does this dog think he is?!?. I'm gonna get off of this bike and show him who's boss!!" Then I tell myself: "1. Come on, It's just a dog so swallow your pride. 2. (Rural dogs are big right?) If this dog actually wanted to, it could rip you leg off without much effort." So, I always stay on the bike. Anyway, here are the 3 pictures.


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I was waiting to see if another member said it, but nobody did, so I will: That is one NICE bike! So clean!
Many years ago when I started riding seriously, I lived in Southern Illinois so I understand the dog problem. Yuk!
You should post more pictures this year.
Three is just teasing.
MN Dan
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