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Well, new to me, that is. #1 is my gift (Felt F65 w/ full Ultegra, carbon crank & stays, barely even ridden- still had the dork disc & reflectors when I bought it for $700) from Craig's List on the summit of the Pungo Ferry Bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway, aka the Alpe d'Huez of the Norfolk-Virginia Beach area (~60' monster of a climb).

#2 The 2 frogs in the SUV driving off in the background thought this road's name was humorous, too; elevation gain in the entire area is measured in mm. Maybe it's from the fact that there's a 3' ditch on either side of the road; there are times after a hard rain when the roads closer to the Atlantic are totally impassable, completely covered w/ puddles.

#3 A little warm today.

#4 is the time of the temp. I love warm weather, but even so, I regretted leaving at 11:30 today, and am resolved to get to bed earlier so that the next Saturday ride will start in the early AM.

#5 is how smoky w/ a BBQ aroma it is here in Virginia Beach. About a week(?) ago, I walked out of my door in the morning and thought "My neighbors are BBQ'ing on a weekday before work?!" The cause is a fire in the Great Dismal Swamp down in NC:
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