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Well, for some reason my spoke length calculations were a bit short. I built and tensioned up my 50mm carbon rim with 2.0/1.8/2.0 spokes and 12mm nipples. With tension a bit high on the ds (130-135) the spoke threads just disappear into the 'neck' of the nipple, meaning I dont' have full thread engagement. This is on 28h 2x lacing.

The NDS spokes are 2mm longer than DS, so I could swap those over to the DS and order new NDS to buy myself a couple of MM on the DS, and i'd go 2-3mm longer on NDS.

My other thought was to re-run some of the calculations and see if a combination of 2x/1x would spit out a similar spoke length. since a 1x would require a shorter spoke, was thinking that I could move the NDS to DS, lace 2x and go 1x on the NDS side with the currently too short DS spokes.

I don't want to just to the 2x/2x with longer nipples, because while it will buy me some more nipple engagement (confirmed with the nipples that I have that are 14mm), it still doesn't get my spoke all the way to the nipple head where i'd want it. When I am home today, I will check to see exactly how far from the bottom of the driver slot the spokes actually have ended (at work now).

Any thoughts?
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