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Wait a month and a half and buy a 51cm Ti bike with Sram Force or Red :D .
unboringuy said:
Any recommendations as to what I should do? Should I simply go with the 53 in the Heat or go with the 51 in the LeChamp Ti or the LeChamp SL Ti? I don't like that the LeChamp Ti does not have the full Ultegra gruppo, and the LeChamp SL Ti seems comparatively overpriced at $400 over the price of the Heat. Any thoughts and recommendations would be appreciated.
I don't think the LeChamp Ti not having a full Ultegra gruppo is a huge issue when you actually look at the cranksets. The LeChamp Ti has a compact crankset, the full LeChamp SL Ti doesn't. What does this mean? Do you climb a lot of hills? If you do--and you're not as young as you once were :)--you probably want the compact crankset which isn't offered with the full Ultegra bike. The Sram Rival bike does have a compact crankset...all the Sram bikes do. I think all this is a bigger issue than the difference in quality between the FSA crank and the Ultegra one (and the difference in brakes).

From everything I've read, I'd get the 51, not the 53. I usually ride a 56cm, and, when I order, I'm going to order a 53...and, yes, I'm bigger than you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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