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As the temperature gradually goes up, it is time to put your winter gears back to your wardrobe. Your quality cycling clothing can be really expensive so it’s better to treat them with extra precautions when doing the laundry. Here we offer you 7 tips to make sure you won’t do any damage to your clothes and make them last seasons for seasons.

Use delicate or gentle cycle

High- tech material and breathable mesh jersey are comfortable but they are delicate as well. Regular and heavy washing cycle will likely to damage your jersey and short. You may also hand wash your jerseys.

Don't wash with other clothes

You should not wash your regular clothes and don't wash them with other gears like socks and gloves. Remember to separate dark colors from light one in order to avoid dingy

Zip Up

When you wash your cycling jerseys or any other garments that have zippers, make sure to zip them up. Undone zippers can tear up other clothes that happen to be in the washing machine. It's also a good idea to turn your jerseys inside out for the same reason.

Stick With the Basics

Don't use soap with perfume or dyes. You can try specialty soap made for athletic clothing such as the Assos detergent engineered for washing cycling clothes, but it isn't necessary. Buy the most basic detergent you can find, preferably concentrated instead of liquid. Add your clothes, fill the washing machine with water, and mix in your detergent last. This will keep residue from clogging up your high-performance fabrics, which are designed to wick away moisture and keep you cool when you sweat. Stay away from fabric softener too.

Avoid too hot

Don't wash your cycling jersey in hot water but in lukewarm or cool water. This is to protect the delicate fabric from going out of form.

Hang Dry

The dryer can be a dangerous place for high-performance fabrics. To get the most life out of your clothing, hang dry instead of using the dryer. If you're hand washing your clothes, try this trick: Spread out a large towel and place one garment at a time right in the middle. Fold the edges so that the garment is covered. Ring the towel out just as you would if it were full of water. By squeezing out the excess water, your clothes will dry in half the time.

If It Doesn't Smell...

If you only went on a short ride and didn't sweat much, hang up your clothes instead of opting for the wash. The more times a garment goes through the machine, the shorter it'll last. Try to only wash your clothes when it's a must.
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