7mesh WK2 women's bib short launched

Women's cycling apparel has progressed enormously since the days of "shrink it and pink it." But a high-performance bib short that also provides total pit stop convenience has remained elusive.

The 7mesh team loves a design challenge and their mission to improve women's bibs started on day one. Refusing to launch a "me too" product meant patience and perseverance were a must, and a design area piled high with prototypes and field notes is testament to the length of the process.

Finally, though, 7mesh has unveiled its new WK2 Bib Short with Pull2P technology. It's combines the comfort and security of bib straps with the ease and simplicity of a pull-on.

7mesh WK2 women's bib short launched

The WK2's Pull2P retention system combines a supportive yoga-style waistband with easy-stretch bib straps. The straps are crossed at the back and carefully located so the shorts can be pulled down for mid-ride pit stops without any unclipping, unzipping, or undressing. The elegant solution also allows for an airy and breathable design unencumbered by extra fabric - perfect for riding when temperatures climb.

The WK2 also features Clean Finish Construction to eliminate chafe points, and raw edge leg hems with printed leg gripper for smooth and secure comfort. The matching WK2 Half Short evolves the original 7mesh women's short with an updated fit, and both WK2 shorts use the women's Elastic Interface Road Performance Max chamois launched in the original WK1.

For more information, visit www.7meshinc.com.