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OK, call me a cheapskate but I think I found a way to hammer the cost of a Campy group to new lows.

I noticed Ribble Chorus group costs $1031 with the 10% campy discount. Separate parts cost $1035.

So, save $98 for the Athena carbon crank in place of Chorus. I cannot find a difference between the two other than price though campy says Chorus is 34g lighter.

Save $33 with Centaur brakes. Again, no detectable difference.

Save $46 with the Athena F. Derailleur. Silver instead of black cage.

Total savings of $161 and a Chorus "reduced" group price of $869 for about $3 saved per gram added.

Here is another one Record "very reduced" : downgrade to Athena carbon crank and f. der., upgrade to Record black brakes for $970 or $60 less than the standard group.

Finally, Chorus "very reduced" same as above but with Veloce black brakes (if you can swallow no alum pad holders) for $852 which is only $115 more than Athena.

Just some thoughts, and yes I should have better things to do than ruin profit margins. I for one have Chorus with Record brakes but if doing again would likely do the Athena crank and f. der.

OK, I noticed separate pieces from Ribble "'.;l9o--------------


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Last time I bought a full Chorus group it was around $1100.00 U.S. from Total Cycling and I thought it was the best value around. If you want to downgrade and play the swap game that's fine but to me the group itself is still the most under rated of Campy's 11 speed offerings.
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