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I have the same vintage Chorus group on a couple of bikes. On my latest build, I went with 11sp Chorus. Shifting in back is reasonably similar, front shifting is much better on the 11sp group. The rear der cable tension has to be right, but it's not difficult to get it there.

The hoods on the new group are MUCH more comfortable. I like them a LOT. So much so, that I haven't ridden the older bike in several months.

IMO, you're better off just jumping to 11. It'll be the new standard for Campy and have the best availability for parts in the future.

The only downside is that you won't get 4000 mi out of a chain any more, and they're still expensive.

Oh, if your current rear hub is 9sp compatible (and not 7/8sp), then the 11sp cassette should work fine.
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