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4000 miles u say

im riding/training on a pair of conti comp 22's i got last summer, do they really last that long? if so that roks :O)

purplepaul said:
I got a flat on one tire after 125 miles. A piece of glass slashed it through and through. Basically, the tire was trashed. But since then, I've gotten over 4,000 miles on one pair of tires with no flats at all (Conti Comps).

There's a place in Florida, I think, that will repair tubulars for $15 if you send in more than one. I had planned to do that but I still only have the one. They charge $20 for single tires. They put in a new tube and pay for return shipping, but I think I spent about $40 for the tire (last year before the dollar jumped off a building).

Here's the link:

I live and ride in NYC so, except maybe for the southwest with their thorns, I don't think most people should have to worry too much about getting flats.

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