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About 30 minutes

MPH74 said:
how long does it take fix a flat on a tubular tire for an average cyclist (i.e., not a mechanic but rather a cyclist just beginning to use tubulars). i assume it takes a lot longer than fixing a clincher flat - 5-8 minutes if you patch and 2-3 minutes if you just use a new tube. thanks.
By the time I get out my supplies, fill the up the tire to find the leak in the sink, slice throught the base tape to then pull it up 6 inches, and cut the threads with an exacto knife - about 10 minutes so far. Remove the threads I just cut up, pull out the tube to inspect the hole and the casing. Patch tube. About 15 minutes so far. If the casing has some damage - but not a tire killing big gash, then I apply a 3" long boot from on older silk tire casing (minus thread). Stuff the tube back in and sew up - I use nylon braided fishing line (not solid nylon - nylon braided which I think is used for fly fishing?. At this point I inflate it and check my work in the sink. Then if Ok I apply contact adhesive to the casing and base tape. Go grap a beer while it drys, then stickem together. This nets out to about 30 miutes. After that it's time to glue it to the rim which is just a few minutes too.

Seem like a hassle - not really for the better ride it gives me (uh oh - I'm going to hear about that comment) and cause I only flat about once a year - and half the time it was my fault for trying to get more life out of a worn tubbie (worn tread) than I should have.

Good luck!
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