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Philippe, how do you say "podium girl" in French? Is "Poulette" appropriate? Anyways, this post is a tribute to your insight from many weeks ago! ;-)

Well well, now that the GC contenders' list has been redrawn almost from scratch, what are the chances that we'll see a French rider on the podium?

* Moreau: since AG2R has ejected Mancebo, does he stand a chance?
I don't like him when he was with CA, but he showed strong performance
at le Dauphine. Heck, both Jalabert and Saiz agreed that he was overpaid.

* Laurent Brochard: no, this is not a joke. He is a decent TT rider and a
decent climber. Not spectacular in either discipline, but not bad. Plus I like
the hapless boys of Bernaudeau's BTL.

* Sandy Casar: FDJ rider, seems solid in one-day races, but was just behind
Brochard in the GC last year.

* Sylvain Chavanel: yeah, yeah, I'm also tired of hearing about the great
white bread hope, but he is the French TT champion.

OK, discuss! ;-)
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