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Last fall I went to see a friend of mine who used to build frames and asked him if he would get his torches out of retirement and build me a bike.

We have talked off and on and he seems to have decided to build some more bikes, well it seems he has decided to get back into the bike biz in a larger fashion than I expected. He sent me an email this morning with these pictures of his first one out.

He sent me these pictures this morning ( and I am posting them here without telling him) and tells me that without pedals and with steel cogs this is 14 lbs 9 ozs. I told that although it is very nice it would certainly qualify as Beautiful if only it were Molteni Orange!!

All kidding aside, I do actually think that it is pretty darn nice looking bike for what is a flat out race bike. He is planning to do custom geometries and offer a mix of components from Advanced Carbon, Dedacciai, Reynolds, Mavic and Campy.

Let me know what you think of an early bike from a guy that has built quite a few, in years past.

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Randy was always known for his paint jobs, many of them one off customised.

Some truly stunning creations over the years.

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I really like the paint scheme. I've been planning to do a custom for some time with similar paint, as a sort of emulation of the Shell Ford GTs that raced at LeMans in the 1960s. You nailed it. If I ever see you on the road, we're going to trade for whatever I am riding at the moment. :D


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OK, I got some details from Randy last night in response to an email. Seems this is moving faster than he thought and he has not got a web-site put together yet, hopefully in a month or so. If anyone should want details to contact him PM me.

Randy is doing the paint himself, one by one. Always was good at it. I bought my first "good" bike from him back in about 1978 or 1979, a Bianchi. loved it for years.

Now, having posted some pictures of Randy's bike I want some help from you guys.

I am going to ask him to do something different for me, since the Le Mans idea seems to be taken.

I was thinking Red and White. Faema Colours, Canadian Flag Colours. I was sort of thinking a Starfighter type of theme with the Canadian flag melted into it - if that makes sense.

Anyone got any good thoughts??

Thoughts, Please? I'm not a designer and I want to have some thoughts formulated a bit before I turn him loose.
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