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I just rode in from work an hour or so ago. It's about 50F outside,
with a just light breeze. All but the moon and the brightest stars are hidden by
a thin cloud cover and the light pollution when I turn onto Main Street. A few
cars are moving, but there's plenty of room for everyone. In other words, a
great night for a commute!


Imagine that you are riding up an inconvenient (read: no shoulder and a sharp, high
curb), but short hill, trying to be quick about it because it's the only lane
for that direction. You believe a car or two is patiently (you hope) following
you, but you're working too hard to bother looking back.

Now imagine that you've reached the point at which the road widens enough for
motor vehicles to safely pass. You relax a bit. Suddenly, you realize that a three
inch deep torrent of water, the width of the entire lane, is about to envelop you.


It takes you a second to realize that the Water Authority chose this night to flush
the fire hydrants in the north section of the city. You also realize that you failed
to reinstall your front fender (with your home-crafted mud flap), after removing
it, because your roof rack doesn't accomodate your front fender with the aforementioned
home-crafted mud flap. You also realize that your feet are getting soaked with
the aforementioned torrent of water, which is precisely the situation your front
fender with the home-crafted mud flap was designed to prevent.

Well, you think, I've survived many New England winters with my feet getting
cold. This is no big deal. However, by the third encounter with a hydrant flush,
the novelty of the situation begins to wear off, and you'd just as well get
this ride over with.

Now, as I type this, it's just a memory. I'm relaxin'. I'm listening
to Ella and Billie and Sarah. I'm sipping a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

In other words, a great night for a commute.

Keep on commutin'!
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