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Now I had the same dilema on a Tecnos..........

paredown said:
I'm facing the same dilemma. My dream frame is a Colnago Tecnos. I sold my previous one because it was a 63cm Freuler-style frame and even though the seat-tube/stand-over was OK, it was a hair long on the TT.

There's one my size on eBay as we speak--NOS from a reliable seller, who, sadly, knows what he is selling & he is asking $2K. Too rich for me.

But I can't help myself--at least once a day I have to look at it... A few months back, he must have needed the cash so week after week it dropped--finishing at $1600--with no takers.

And I didn't buy it...

So I guess its possible to resist--but if you can swing it, you should probably buy it. Stick in in a box or something until you are ready to build it.

Someone on the retro thread said if you think it's expensive now, wait and it will be even more expensive later!
Guess what I did? Well pictures speak louder than words..........

I have a few others on my wishlist and if they came up I'd do the same thing again.

As for the Tecnos I've got most of the parts to build it up like this!!!
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