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I went out yesterday on the rd bike (Scott S-30) ,as I wanted to get some more miles down,
After 12 miles I hit my now usual resting point of Stanage edge
and from the car park the view was awesome as per ..

I was heading to the hill on the left,
The pic is a zoomed in one and just doesn't show how far it actually is,
But down the hill to Ladybower I rode,again a beautiful view welcomed me

The Over Flow plug hole is dry as it has been for a while now,although YouTube show some impressive views of when its in full flow,
note: the the sheep having a rest on the right :)

From there I began the long ride down through Bamford and into Hope
then the stretch into Castleton,
Winnats Pass was an awesome sight,its like looking at a wall,but the road (said to be 1 in 5) runs up the groove in the middle,it was cut by glacial water many thousands of years ago,in fact being limestone it consists of fossils of sea creatures many hundred's of feet deep !

From there it was a hard climb (I dropped into the 30 ring for the first time) up the old closed road (1 in 4) up toward Mam Tor (although I had to get off and push)

Due to the massive slippage of the hill the road was closed many years ago,there's a difference of several feet in places where the road has dropped down,

looking up at the Tor its pretty obvious what the problem is,half the hill has shifted downward due to the geology of the area,

Heading past Mam Tor,I rode down Winnats Pass hitting a speed of 46.8 mph max before having to grab the brakes as a sheep decided it was going to stand in the middle of the road,I was slowing down but it didn't feel like it when the brake pads grabbed the rear wheel,
I slid .. fish tailing past the stupid sheep who only moved as I started to yell like a little girl :rolleyes:

here was the weapon of choice for the day

Only other note is that on the way back up toward Moscar I was passed by a bloke on a mountain bike :unsure:
although I had almost nothing left in my legs (which felt like jelly) so that's my excuse,Id also dropped back into the 30 ring (for only the 2nd time)

I got back in with 44.88 miles on the clock and 3h47m (door to door time was 5h 1m)
Its not the distance its the terrain,the Peak district is full of hills,so your climbing and descending most of the time,hardly ever on the flat,

Either way,a good day out in the sun for a change,and Im loving the new road bike,

KK.. :)

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One of my favorite parts of England. Way out in the middle of nowhere. Friendly people!

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I love that green countryside. Gorgeous!

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Dajianshan said:
When is the weather nice in Britain?
August 10th. :)

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August 10th :D

I got out riding today,
started in the warm sun,
middle had gales thunder rain hail and mist,
ended in the sun again :p

all in about 2 hours .. a pretty typical summers day in England :)

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