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First off I'd like to reiterate that I think that these new "gravel" or "adventure" bikes are a good step in the correct direction. Actually building an off-tarmac capable bike vs. the previous "endurance" category which was and is a bunch of horse ****.

That being said, and totally switching the topic... disc brakes.

Disc brakes...

Here is a step in the correct direction for disc brakes, the first solid baby step from a frame manufacturer if you ask me:

What did Spec. say produced all the drag? The calipers. Not the rotors so much, but the calipers were death. That and the spider/carrier for the rotor. That's on the rotor manufacturers though.

First Look! Parlee TTiR Disc shields calipers on first major disc brake triathlon/TT bike - Bikerumor

Kudos to Parlee for stepping up and doing it right in terms of aerodynamics with disc brakes. Just round the edges of the rotors and done.
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