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Hello and allow me to introduce myself, as a new member of the Forums.

I'm a Canadian, resident in Jakarta since 1988. This is the 50th anniversary of my motorcycling career, during which I've raced Grand Prix machinery at Riverside, Willow Springs, Vacaville, Suzuka, Sentul, the Ulster Grand Prix and the Isle of Man Senior TT Race. I've also worked as Japan Correspondent for CYCLE WORLD and CYCLE GUIDE Magazines.

About six years ago, following a number of close calls while racing my Ninja 2smoke crotch rocket along public roads of Indonesia, I began to recognize a shift of feeling, as I was losing my taste for danger. Simultaneously Sonny Carlsen introduced me to sport bicycling, and since 2007 I've reset my interests and commitment almost exclusively to sport and off-road biking. I've ridden from Bandung to Jakarta (mostly downhill, with some long uphill bits) and have several videos on YouTube and Vimeo documenting West Java rides on my current love, a Giant Anthem 29er. I just lost a Dahon Matrix full-scale folding bike (from so-called "Secure Parking" yet!) and am looking forward this year to buying a Surly Ogre / Surly Moonlander. My riding motto is "Live fast, die young" and I turn 73 in November. Go Mango Go, O-saki ni Shitsurei.
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