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The Cherry Blossom Festival is just about (but not quite) over. When we met tonight Miss M says, "You gotta hear this band."

She was right, they were so bad they were great. I loved it.

It was a Japanese Pop/Punk band "Mitsumassyu" playing on a stage set up in front of the Jefferson Memorial. Talk about bad acoustics....

We just caught the tail end of their performance and the announcer mentioned that there was going to be one more band for the day. We rode around a bit then came back to see/hear them.

The second group was Billy Clements and the Pickups they were really good. They had some sort of Country/Rock-a-Billy/Western thing going. I'm going to check out the local clubs to see if they are playing sometime.

Then we rode around the city for a couple of hours on the quiet back streets that we know so well. There was this statue......

I love this city.
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