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a mate of mine was held up whilst riding over the williamsburg bridge last week. it was late (around 4 am) and he was stopped before the ramp on the brooklyn side by 2 crackheads and a gun. luckily he was unharmed but lost his wallet, watch and bike.

i had similar well back in '96 and thought things had changed ... guess not.

during busier times i still think its fine but if you are likely to be the only one there late at night i figure its better to jump on the L train. i ride other bridges and dont think it an issue but the end of the Billyburg into brooklyn is an easy set up for the unaware.

the good news is it was only his beater bike and he got to keep his kryptonite chain and lock that was around his waist.

keep an eye out boys and girls :)


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The key point to notice in this tale is: 4 AM!!
If it's dark out and in the wee hours of the morning I don't know if anyone should be taking any of the bridges on a bike or foot. That bridge is no fun anyhow. Too many bumps! Also dodging surly Hassidic Jew families on a sabbath stroll is a pain. I'm a 59th street bridge guy myself.

I've taken the L at this time and its like a whole other city is awake and crawling around. It's great if you like seeing tired hookers in super minis and 5 inch heels heading home after an all nighter.

I'm glad your friend's okay but tell him to steer clear of bridges and dark city areas after midnight.

Now watch me get mugged under the bridge this weekend at 6pm. ; )

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Glad to hear your friend is okay. This happens every year when the weather gets better. Make sure your friend called the police. They never seem to put a patrol up there until there are a number of complaints.

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Anybody who's ever lived in NYC could tell you that your friend was a [email protected]$$ for riding anywhere at 4:00a.m., especially with a bike that was worth anything. And the Williamsburg bridge, no less! He's lucky the traffic didn't kill him. Maybe those crackheads did him a favor?
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