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DougSloan said:
Ok, crazy or not, I've been seriously thinking of doing the FC508 on a fixed gear bike. While training for this, riding up (and down) 4,000 foot climbs in my trusty 41x16 gear (with rpms down in the 20's), I get some knee soreness for a few days after. Based upon someone's advice here, I've arranged for an examination and consultation with a sports doc next Monday, to check my condition (no pain right now) and get advice on whether and/or how to do this.

My question is, what should I ask this doc to ensure he gives me all pertinent info about training lots on the fixed gear bike and racing a 508 mile event (with 35,000 feet climbing) on a fixed gear? Any ideas?

The goal here is to do the event, and train and strengthen my legs/joints to handle the stress, if possible. However, I also want to know the risks of doing this, both immediate and long term. If there is no way to do it without permanent damage, then I want to know that, too. Any experience with something like this?

Thanks for any input.

I won't pretend to have the answer to this one, but I have an idea on who to ask -- surf over to and e-mail your question to them. Their panel of experts (Ed Pavelka (sp?), etc.) have enough extreme experience to be able to opine on how to approach this.

Did you sort out your "downhill" issue on the fixie?
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