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You didn't say where the pain is located in your knee. If it is at either side, look at your cleat alignment or get pedals that allow your foot to float. If it is at the front of the knee, it is usually either tendonitis or inflamed cartilege, and it is probably from overtraining.

When that happens to me, I rest, use ice and ibuprofen until the pain is completely gone, then return to training. I use ice and ibuprofen after every workout on hills, even if my knee is completely pain free. I do long steep hills, intervals on hills, and acceleration intervals, but only a couple of times a week at most. When I do intervals, I time them or watch my speed. When I slow down two intervals in a row, I quit. (There is not much training benefit of intervals once you begin to slow down.) The idea is to build strength and power as quickly as possible, before my knee becomes inflamed.

BTW, I think fixed gear is good for my knees, because it forces me to build strength and to vary my riding position and cadence.

My experience with doctors has been that they will only tell you to rest, sometimes for long periods. See a doctor anyway, if only to get a prescription for anti-inflammatory drugs and a referral to a physical therapist. PT's will help you minimize and work around injuries.

Good luck. EM
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