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asdf123 said:
need some advice on a new bike...I race now and plan to do so in college as well, but am on an extremely tight budget (hoping for WELL under $2000). Here are my three options, but any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Cannondale CAAD9-5
Allez Sport Compact Double '09
Fuji Roubaix Pro

Thanks so much
Any bike that fits and has at least Shimano 105 or Rival components on it will work fine. The big key is making sure it fits.

Last year I raced all season on a Scott S20 which weighed in around 20 pounds with pedals, computer and cages. It didn't hold me back at all and I only paid $1300 for it. Buy what fits and race it.

The key is don't race anything you can't afford to replace :D
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