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Looking to upgrade drive train on a cross bike. The gearing range is a little tight for cross and I prefer a wider range and spinning a little faster than grinding it out

The setup is:
• SRAM GXP crankset, 172.5, 46/38 rings, spacing is 130 mm
• Ultegra front and rear, short cage
• Shifters – Ultegra, 9 speed
• Cassette – campy 23 tooth large cog
• Chain – SRAM 9 speed
• The crank is stamped 2007 and I think everything elseis about the same vintage
• Wheels are Gipiemme, so think I am locked into campy cassettes

I have a number of questions, and please excuse my ignorance here…
1. Easiest upgrade is a wider cassette, what is the max range for the Ultegra? Assuming I have to stay with the campy, 13-26 and 13-28 are available. I’ve seen new bikes with Ultegra and 27 (shimano) or 28 cassettes
2. Should I replace the chain with the new cassette?
3. I’d like to go smaller than the current 38 inner chain ring but would need to get a new crankset since the 130 mm rings are limited to a 38. I assume that any brand GXP crankset work. So would I need to get a 9-speed specific GXP crankset?
4. Does the mix of campy/sram/shimano create any additional problems?
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