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I currently own a Giant TCR 1 (2005).. and have been doing minor fixing with regular basic tools. There are different tool sets and types out there and wanted some advise on which to purchase. I'm interested in doing more major repair work which I must need the right tools for the job.

I've come across a complete tool set, but come to fine out their is a another complete tool set that has more tools (ulitmate blah blah). Is it worth getting the one that has every tool that you may possibly need? If so what brand?


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What are you looking at? I bought the $40 set from Nashbar. Some of the tools have broken and I've replaced them with better ones. I also have some of the Performance Spin Doctor tools and they work too. However, Park and Pedros tools seem more durable and better designed. I think you should buy the best you can afford, and certainly replace the tools you'll use all the time with Park or Pedros.

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Buy as you go

I'd recommend buying tools as you need them instead of buying a set. By doing this, you'll only buy the tools you need and you can purchase the best quality tools regardless of who makes them.

I've been working on bikes at home for about three years (including building up two from scratch) and I don't own all the tools in some of those sets. For example, I only need a few cone wrenches and I don't have any need for threaded headset wrenches.

For a basic overhaul of your bike, you'll probably just need:

- a quality torque wrench
- a metric hex socket set
- bottom bracket tool for your type of bb
- chainwhip and cassette lockring tool
- cable and housing cutters
- pedal wrench (unless your pedals use a hex wrench)
- cone wrenches sized for you hubs
- chain tool
- spoke wrench

You could add a wheel truing stand to that list but it's more of a convenience than a necessity.

I probably forgot something but the point is the same: buy what you need individually so you don't waste money/shop space and so you can get the best tool in each category regardless of manufacturer.

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Add a workstand to khill's list

I like the Ultimate Consumer stand. Had mine for years and still as new. Sturdy, adjustable, and does a great job.

I also echo the advice to buy Park or Pedros (although I have a few Spin Doctor tools lying around). The cheap tools are, well, cheap. You will end up replacing them sooner than you expect. I also second getting the torque wrench, however I consider that a luxury if funds are an issue.

My list:
- Workstand
- Pedal Wrench (go with the Park here)
- Cable cutters (again, go with the Park...the others don't last)
- The appropriate BB and Cassette lockring tool for your components
- Spoke wrench (I like Park here as well)
- Hex wrench set (I have a Spin Doctor set from Performance, still going strong)
- Cone Wrenches or set (I also have Spin Doctor here. Have held up fine, but not as nice as Park)
- Chain tool - go with the Park here. Get the high end version. Don't buy cheap, as you will end up replacing it soon.
- I also recommend a Park third hand brake tool. These sometimes get mixed reviews, but do a great job at holding the brake levers closed to get the cable tension right.

I also recommend getting one of Park AWS-1 three way hex wrenches. Great design, and I use mine ALL the time.

If you have the funds, then add the torque wrench (I have a Park), truing stand, and other specific tools as you need them.
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