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frankly your PT needs to pull their head out of their a$$
he/she had one client cyclist that mentioned thei back didn't hurt in the aero bars but did on the drops. He/she made the asumption this would work for most people.

your best bet is to get a really good bike fit by someone that can figgure out something more then saddle height and reach. Boulder Center for Sports Medicine is pretty well known for their work. Your problem could be one leg being longer then the other causing a slight a-symetric rock in your hips. Its rare to have both legs the same size but 2mm won't do much diffrence. You need a doc that specializes their work with cyclists.

that said, if slapping an aero bar on there does the trick, go for it. my guess is his/her idea was to take weight off the back. You might want to just look into a riser stem. hard to say what will work if you try going it alone...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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