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Kerry Irons said:
IThat said, if you are a good rider enough that 0.1 mph makes a meaningful difference to you, maybe you should let your sponsor and your team mechanic sort it out :)
You make it sound as though 0.1 mph is a trivial difference. That may be true for just riding around, but for timed events, 0.1 mph translates to 15 seconds for a 1 hour 40 km rider. I know a lot of amateurs who care about differences like that. Usually that's worth a few places in amateur events, and often makes the difference between first and second in State Championships.

If someone is going to buy a new set of wheels, I don't see why they should ignore the potential benefits that come with lower drag. That doesn't mean a lower drag number from one test should be the sole consideration, but neither should it be ignored alltogether.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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