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It's a proud history to follow the greatest European brands of the peloton's history.

CARBON110 said:
In the begining Trek bicycle corp. created OCLV in the early 1980s between the heavens and the earth. Since its introduction and developement it has been a high standard of material. In 1999 Trek changed some of the fabrications in the OCLV carbon creating OCLV 150. Lance Armstrong consequently rode his red white and blue Trek OCLV carbon to be the second American and ONLY cancer survivor to win the Tour De France.

In the year 2000 Trek again improved upon its ultimate high performance by creating OCLV 120. In addition to this Trek added an entire OCLV Time Trial bike to its vast closet of bicycle weaponry and stronger carbon forks. As is the the custom in the ranks of professional bike racing Lance Armstrong requested a super light super stiff bike to be built specifically for the mountain stages of the Tour. A bike that could hold up to thousands of miles of grueling punishment yet retain the comfort and versatility OCLV carbon offers. Trek responded. Hence CARBON110 was born.

To this day Trek and Lance are covering the ranks of professional cycling and the roads of every hemisphere in the world. History as they say, is still being made

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