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Owned a 1992 5500

russw19 said:
Whoops, my own typo... it was a 5700, not a 5900. went the wrong way on the numberpad. They only made the 5700 in limited amounts and only for one year. I am trying to find pics to post... it was pretty sweet. It was a light purple color, and only had a right side STI shifter. It used a Ti stem, a Ti syncros post, Flite seat (just when they were starting to become popular, and when Trek was using their own branded Vetta TT saddles...) White Industry hubs. It was not a different frame, just a different build, and was one of the first production bikes under 17 pounds. Mine, a 56, came in at 16.7 with Time Mag/Ti Pros on it. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of my actual bike, but I am still trying to find a picture of any of them, or a Trek catalog pic for you.

Other than that small typo, I don't need to check any of my facts... they are all accurate, and they all say the same thing you just said in your above post. I never implied my frame was a Carbon 110 or 120 frame... I think the confusion was that I said it was built to be a limited superlight bike... meaning the build kit.... not the frame being any different. Double check my's all correct.

Anyways, I wish I still had that bike! And if I can find some pics, I will post them for you. You really seem to like the OCLVs so I bet you would get a kick out of that one. I will add them to this thread if I can find them.

It was black with white decals (a little red somewhere in there, too). I also remember seeing the 5700 in the Trek catalog. Best I recall it was specd with Mavic GL330's and Conti tubbies. I must've been a little short on cash about that time (see below).

I suppose I've owned all the oclvs; had the 5500 in '92, sold it and built an ice-violet 5500 frameset in '94, a nude in '96, a blue Postal 150 in '99, white Postal 120 in '01, and nude Postal 110 in '01. Now I see the '04 5900 frameset is a couple hundred grams lighter than my '01, and with a conventional headtube to boot.

The oclv in a 60cm just works for me.

I don't even want to start thinking Madone's.
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