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Typical Western Union Scam- too good to be true. Beware

Quote from an email in response to my questions, asking for specifics.
"The bike is still for sale. As mentioned in the add the bike is in excelent condition. I have to let you from the start that if you are interested in the bike i woun't accept other method of payment other than Western Union. All though it might scare you no money will be sent untill you receive the confirmation from Ups that the bike is in their possesion. I will not give you my bank account or Credit card details so you can subscribe to diferent xxx sites and make me lose a lot of money. I have lost to much money to can afford it anymore.
I will not ship to any African country so if you are a nigerian or somentihing else think again.
If you agree my details let me know so we can proceed with this deal.
I repeat that the bike is in excelent condition. It has never been used in the rain. The tires have just been changed so you can use the for 500-800 miles. I doesn't have any scratches or any other kind of marks.
The bike will be shipped trough Ups, and it will be delivered by Ups directly to your home after Ups will receive confirmation of your payment.
if you agree my details and you want to proceed with this deal please let me know what other informations are you interested in, and your full name and address.
With respect,

Notice the poor grammar and the lack of specific details that any bike buyer wants to know.
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