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Misleading information

wallyh3 said:
Why can't the MTB version of the Carbon Twin Flex be used for the road? Ti rail version is cheaper to buy. Is the padding different? Thanks.
You must have been looking at the 2006 Fizik website. They have the Aliante Carbon with Ti rails in the MTB section for 2006 and must be trying to market it for MTB use. Strangely it would be a poor choice for MTB as it has a less than durable cover.

The Aliante Carbon with Ti rails is exactly the same as the Aliante Carbon with carbon rails. The only difference is the rails. It is perfectly suited for road use (I have the Ti on all my bikes). And if you look at pictures of the pro road peloton, you will see Fizik sponsored teams that have riders on the Aliante are ALL using the Ti rails.
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