All City's Space Horse is designed for a "versatile ride"-great for gravel riding in the off-season. Frost Bike 2014 © Cyclocross Magazine

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All City Cycles started its cyclocross line in 2011 with the Nature Boy singlespeed cyclocross bike, put it on a diet and transformed it into the higher-end, limited edition Nature Boy Zona, and eventually graduated to a geared option with the Macho Man, available in canti or disc brake models. We've reviewed the both the Nature Boy and most recently the Macho Man Disc in Issue 21, and loved both, especially the disc version of the Macho Man.

This year, they not only have the old favorites, they have some new versions, including the previously highlighted Macho King Disc and Nature Boy Disc bikes, essentially the previously reviewed Macho Man Disc but on a diet and training plan with some higher-end components and ultralight Reynolds 853 tubing.

Despite the newer 2015 models that we previewed a few weeks ago all going with disc brakes, the company remains committed to cantilever brakes for the foreseeable future. We take a look at some of the other bikes in the All City Cycles lineup.

The Space Horse

The Space Horse is billed as "the most versatile bike in the All City lineup." Built to accept front and rear racks and fenders, it can run up to 42c tires and is a great winter commuter or gravel adventure option. Although it's not a dedicated cyclocross race bike, it should be able to handle dual duty responsibilities should you commute or tour and race on the same bike. MSRP: $1450

The classic All City Nature Boy at Frost Bike 2014 © Cyclocross Magazine

The Classic: Nature Boy

The bike that started it all, the simple steel cantilever singlespeed Nature Boy. MSRP: $975

All City's singlespeed upgraded Nature Boy Zona at Frost Bike 2014 © Cyclocross Magazine

The Update: Nature Boy Disc

This year, the Nature Boy gets an upgrade to disc brakes while retaining its classic singlespeed setup and steel frame. MSRP: $1250. See our earlier preview of the launch of the 2015 Nature Boy Disc.

Frostbike 2014 © Cyclocross Magazine

Macho Man Canti

The first geared contender to take on the Nature Boy, the Macho Man, started out as a hefty canti machine and gradually transformed into the Macho King over two years of R&D. The classic Macho Man is still available though. MSRP $1590

All City Cycles' brand new Reynolds 853 Macho King Limited © Cyclocross Magazine

Macho King

When disc brakes became the buzzword for what's new in 'cross, All City added the option to both the Nature Boy and the Macho Man to have disc options, and this year, they made the lighter Reynolds 853 Macho King with disc brakes only that we previewed earlier. We expect this to come with yet-to-be-announced Rival 11-speed components. MSRP $2700

The Macho King Limited. Frostbike 2014 © Cyclocross Magazine

Macho King Limited

The showcased bike for the event is the limited edition Macho King Limited that we covered in-depth during Frost Bike at their launch party. It may or may not have hydraulic brakes, and perhaps a single ring? Full specs to be finalized. MSRP: $3500