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Dcmkx2000 said:
I carry my bike up the steps holding it from under the front of the saddle...could I have slowly titled it up..because it doesn't look like it?
Virtually impossible. I don't know how much your bike weighs but it's a safe bet that YOU weigh more. If the saddle was loose enough to tilt under the bike's weight, it'd be moving around all over the place during your rides.

I've been riding for 18 years and am currently having my biggest year ever, by a large margin -- currently at a bit over 4600 miles, with a projected total of maybe 6500. And my butt is sore. The same two saddle models I've ridden without issue for years are suddenly intolerable on about one out of three rides. I've been auditioning various other models with varying degrees of success. My riding buddy points out that I'm doing more miles than ever so it's logical to think there must be some price to be paid. The more I think about it, the more I think he's right. So I too think that for you, the "I have to get used to it" answer is correct.
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