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Allez alternative

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I really enjoyed testing out the Allez Elite with shimano 105. What else should I be looking at as a comparison. Any way to get the 105 without the high price.

Im looking for a tri/commute bike.

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If you can work on it yourself, or have a friend who can, Bikesdirect is awesome. Co-workers come to me all the time because they know I ride. When they see the prices on their site, they buy from them. I almost should be asking for a kickback from them...just kidding. Of course since I sent them there, I am always the one to build it for them, and fit them as well. Fitting someone on a bike isn't rocket science. Most LBS employees don't know much more than most of the folks who post here. If you are smart enough to have found the website, then you are likely smart enough to find a website that talks about bike fit.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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