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Allez alternative

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I really enjoyed testing out the Allez Elite with shimano 105. What else should I be looking at as a comparison. Any way to get the 105 without the high price.

Im looking for a tri/commute bike.

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Personally, I feel like BikesDirect is the dumbest idea ever for someone who can't or doesn't want to wrench their own bike and fit themselves. Every LBS I've ever been to will give you a free fit if you buy the bike from them, you have to pay $80-100 or more perhaps to get fit if you don't buy the bike from. Every LBS I've been to offers at least one year of free maintenance on your bike (the one I personally use offers lifetime free maintenance). I've used this perk at least 4 times since I bought my bike at the start of the year. Who knows what this would have cost if I hadn't bought my bike there (more than free I know). Most LBSs will give you a discount on extra crap you buy when you buy the bike. Pedals, helmet, shoes, shorts all 10% off when you purchase a bike really adds up. Plus, you start off building a relationship with a LBS that will hook you up if they are worth a damn when you need it. For instance, the owner of the shop gave me a free tire that was very lightly used when I found a cut in mine. Bikesdirect and other internet bike shops don't give you all that service. Go to a LBS and the higher price you pay up front will pay for itself if you are the average joe like most of us.
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It's legit. Here's the deal though. I had a friend get a bike from bikes direct. This was his first bike though so he had to take it to a LBS to get it put together which cost money, then he had to get the LBS to properly fit him which cost money, then when he has to have maintenance on it that he can't perform himself he has to pay for it. By the time you factor in all those costs he ends paying just as much as I paid for mine only it's less convenient and he gets less service.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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