Allied Cycle Works, the manufacturer of carbon fiber gravel and road frames, introduces GRAX, a new chain lubricant and drive train cleaner system. GRAX is formulated to shed moisture, mud, slop, and goo in extreme conditions and do it for a ridiculously long time.

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Allied athlete Colin Strickland pushed his equipment to the limit during his 2020 Mid South effort. Strickland finished second in extremely challenging conditions.
Wanting a chain lube that caters to Bentonville's highly variable dirt conditions and the sheer volume of miles and not satisfied with what was on the market, a chance meeting with Dr. Samuel Beckford set things in motion. An expert in surface technology and building game-changing products in other categories like ski wax, Dr. Beckford already had a concept of testing experimental hydrophobic lubricant formulas for bicycle chain use. Dr. Beckford and Allied product development and engineering lead, Sam Pickman, put their brains together and piloted the concept. The team weeded down test samples to a few formulas in the lab that really stood out over competitor products before the Allied crew and 2019 Unbound Gravel 200 race winner Colin Strickland tested them on their bikes for over a year. The end result is GRAX.
GRAX is short for gravel wax. This wax-based lubricant is markedly different from anything on the market due to two primary performance properties – its ability to repel water and wattage expenditure both in dry and muddy conditions. It exists to run fast, shave watts, and reduce drag over long distances for racers of all disciplines.
For GRAX to work its magic, it needs to be applied to a clean drive train free of dirt, debris, and other lubricants. Many degreasers on the market are very harsh and not designed for practical home use so the team developed GRAX OFF, a non-toxic, biodegradable, and easy/safe cleaner. The GRAX OFF formula is specifically tuned to remove GRAX chain lubricant.

Allied claims that, when used as a system, GRAX and GRAX OFF will outperform their competitors in both clean and muddy conditions.

GRAX Chain Lube Pricing

  • GRAX High-Performance Chain Lube 4 oz. - $20
  • GRAX Off Drive Train Cleaner 16 oz. - $20
  • GRAX Pack with Factory-Treated Chain - $75
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