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mbryant52 said:
I am entirely uneducated when it comes to the composition of alloy metals. Any basic lessons that anyone would be willing to offer would be greatlyh appreciated.

I'm shopping for a cross bike at the moment, and unless I see specifically the words "steel" or "aluminum" I am totally at a loss for knowing what a bike is made of.

For instance, from reading the frame description I can't tell if the Lemond Poprad is steel or aluminum, but have been told it is steel. Is this true? How can I tell? Additionally, the alloy description seems similar to that of the Redline Conquest, but I was under the impression that that particular frame is aluminum.

Help anyone?

Links to each of the bikes specs:

True Temper OX is steel. It says so in the description. The term "alloy" generally (incorrectly) refers to aluminum in cycling.

If you see the type of material, such as True Temper OX, you could google it and get a good idea pretty fast.

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