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Fez said:
Thanks, BS.

Actually, the pending eCheck status is "Uncleared" for the next 4 days until it clears.

Once it clears, the status will be "Completed," just like all the other instant payments I have received.

My next question was whether "completed" payments could actually be reversed, kind of like that international forged bank check scam, where it they would overpay with an authentic looking forged check and ask you to deposit the check, where it would clear, and then send the item and a refund. Weeks later, the check would come back cuz it was forged, and you were out the item and the amount you refunded.

Any possibility of something similar happening on Paypal?
Well, I've tried to get a payment reversed on an item that was busted when it was packaged (4ft item, 3 ft box) and PayPal would do nothing for me since they have no control over the quality of the item.

To protect yourself, only ship to a confirmed address and I strongly advise some sort of delivery confirmation depending on your shipper. Claiming non-delivery is the about the only way PayPal will reverse a payment and with some sort of DC you're covered then.
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