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I had asthma as a kid one time really and i was in an oxy tent same with my brother, but now in one gigantic sentence I hope to convey to you about when riding hard in the hot and probably polluted summers of Philadelphia I'd get wheezy, which otherwise happened from lack of sleep or smoking, but the exhurstion left me with a pain if I sucked in a maximum amount of air.
Yesterday I found an albuterol inhaler. I've also been reading about it here as a possible recreational performance enhancer. I was thinking about trying it. Repeatedly my asthma was scary to me when I breathed my fullest and felt a burning pain and wheezy but now only when I ride hard I will only be slightly wheezy. I've also felt a
kind of catch where I can't breath, that last kinda pull over a lip of my lung or something feeling
As a doctor you probably wouldn't say to try it.
I feel as a sporting enthusiast I'm in new territory: coffee which is new to me, and, interestingly, marijuana foods give me a noticeable freedom of breathing when riding. They both have a stimulating effect increasing my heart rate n I imagine it being much stronger and my pulse can be pounding and really sped up from too much weed, especially, and that's just sitting around. But in moderation on a bike an enhancer. What do you think about these effects? Are people endangering themselves taking caffeine or marijuana and pushing their bodies to extremes of heart rate.
I remember a sprint racer from long ago, who was the local fastest, and he smoked before races. I have drank coffee, no surprise, and eaten marijuana in local racy rides and feel maybe its more than just opening my lungs?
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