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I recently was in the Jackson, Wyoming area on vacation. We hiked up Summit Road and back down, and I thought "man that'd be fun on my dirty bike".
So the next day I took off up the mountain, summit-ed as it were, and rode back down. I crashed on the way down, I simply went too fast around a corner. Anyway I took off thinking I'd middle ring the whole climb, well the first loose rocky slope that hit 26% ended that in an awful hurry. Probably the slowest ascent I've ever done, but it was hard, I was tired from the day before, and who knows about the altitude. Despite the injuries I got from crashing that are almost a month old and still not fully healed, I want to do it again and again! It was 40 degrees at the top, and it felt good. Wish we had that kind of stuff where I live!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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