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it's called MANorexia...

...and you too will suffer from it. i was recently diagnosed with manorexia by my buddies at work. funny thing is, im no slim jim. i just dont eat a true breakfast or true lunch. and once i eat, theres no stoppin the chompin. my caloric intake is probably right where it needs to be, but they eat a lot more than anyone should.

and not to hijack the thread, but i think many americans could learn a lot by spending a few weeks in europe. things are closer, more relaxed, homes are smaller, and meals are completely different. it aint the antioxidants alone in the red wine keepin them alive. its all about moderation.

but moderation doesnt stop me from drinkin the whole bottle of magical red antioxidants, either...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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