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I have one of those wonderful HUGE english style canvas saddle bags, leather straps and brass hardware, etc.

I have had it for umpteen years and used to use it all the time, not so much any more but I would like to.

I used to have a really neat little "rack" sort of thingie that hooked around the seat stays in two lacations and just provided a support for the bag so it didn't droop into the brake cables.

It didn't fasten on with hardware, just hooked around the stays so you could put it on and take it off at will.

Bad description, I know.

Somewhere in the many moves over the years that wonderful little rack seems to have vanished.

Anyone know of any slick supports for big saddle bags???

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Rivendell is making one that sounds exactly like your description- it's not in the online catalog, but it is in their latest print catalog.

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Nitto R10 rack - good for saddlebag support too

I have a Carradice Cadet - big old saddlebag. The Nitto R10 rack (which I ordered from Tullios) is perfect. It is a lovely silver color, and has an attachment that goes around the seatpost and struts that attach to the seatstays (no need for rack eyelets). It's big (long enough) to provide ample support to the saddlebag and still have a little usable space for strapping the occasional odd and end (jacket etc.). It's not a Bagman - more like a mini rear rack.
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