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another crash report

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collegiate crit - mens D2, usma (army) at west point, ny.

3 laps to go, 135 degree turn, someone mid pack gets squirlly after riding over a manhole cover and decides to fall down. in the process it sort of pinwheels around him, one of my teammates got ridden off the road and fell. I get around him but as i pass him (fallen guy, not my teammate) i hear a cruch as my front wheel goes into someones rear derailer. 1 busted spoke, 1 bent spoke. luckily i stayed up and didnt further damage my bike. no one was seriously hurt.

another rider and I sprinted the 2nd to last lap, re-caught the lead pack at the start of the final lap. I was spent from that effort and just sat on the back of the pack untill the finish, where i mustered a weak sprint to stay with the field. finshed 18th, last rider of the lead pack.
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Nice save.

Sh!7 happens in races, especially collegiate crits. Glad you didn't go down, and good job chasing back after the mishap instead of bagging it in.
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